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Buzz Fisher


Meet the photographer

I am usually pretty long-winded but will try to keep it short haha

My original artistic aspiration was to be a writer and I went to school

to learn Journalism.  Life changed as the result of a pretty bad car wreck

in September of 1995 which resulted in an inability to focus long enough to write

much anymore.  I bought my first digital camera with settlement money

and set off on a new course.

I tend to immerse myself in whatever project I am involved with but

gravitate to sports photography more than anything else these days.

I am a huge fan of local short track racing and have made some of

my most cherished friendships through my time at tracks over the last


I live in Central Vermont (and definitely need to spend more time

photographing the beauty that I too often take for granted).  Wanda and I

recently celebrated 25 years's no stretch to say that without

her support, I would not be doing this.  Our daughter gave us our first grandchild

just over a year ago and they live about a half mile up the road.  Our son lives

here at home.

Anywho....thanks for reading and thank you for continuing to support

my Creative Outbursts!

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